Last few year I am in teaching ( Shall we say industry ?) . I am facing problem while teaching . Lot of interference between teacher and student. Who are this people ?

  • Investors – yes I want to say people so called academician’s . They are in fact investor’s. Like commodity market they play with student to earn money.
  • This people are interested in lots of money like cricket match ; they invest ( better we say ‘bet ’)  . They advertise and invest money on different courses ( Engineering , Medical etc.).
  •  Initially they work with state university and earn money. Now they are so greedy that they want their won colleges (Autonomous)  where they can change syllabus to show that they are different . But here as they are only college ; they set paper according to whatever they teach . Level of paper and valuation is the big question.
  • Now they are so greedy that they want their won universities. UGC , AICTE ,NBA, NAAC accreditations are money trapped.

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