Three Wheeled Omnidirectional Soccer Robot Modelling and Wireless controlling using Bluetooth enabled PlayStation Controller

Sankalp Gaud. Prof. Giridhar Chavan Ritvik Joshi, Jishnu Patil, Sidakdeep Singh Luthra
This paper presents a project designing and functioning of the Omni-Direction Holonomic Robot for Robo Soccer. It serves as an agile, fast, efficient, and energy-saving unit against all previously designed units of Omni-directional robots. Since This robot is remotely controlled via Bluetooth and a PS3 controller with help of an arduino uno, making it efficient and easy to maneuver out of all other designs as it saves a considerable amount from your pocket through a reduced manufacturing process and focuses on utilizing the resources in the best possible way. It’s the first-ever made robot that functions on an integrated combination of Arduino Uno R3 with the Bluetooth enabled PlayStation controller. The direction calibration is done through the kinematic model and formulations, which helped the logic to access the root of the processors and helped us to enhance the functioning of the robot.

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